SERRE Productions is a company formed to provide solid consultation for small businesses, control A/R or A/P for the same, manage events and festivals, or book bands, solo's, duo's  . These friends/associates have been instrumental in the production of award winning audio recordings or TV series / videos and provide top notch services.  Andrej is one of the most talented artists I have known. His art was instrumental in leading me to want to write and produce a booklet - guide for fly fishing, The W5 of Flyfishing... available (target) in APRIL 2019.

See: www.W5OfFlyfishing.com/shop

These gentlemen are not staff or employees per say, but affiliates in areas I would surely recommend their businesses or talents.


Ontario Canada Business Licence #280248972

JACK (John) Serre

Founder & CEO

Every 10,000 hours you are considered an expert in a field... so as I get on in age... (not old) I have had the privilege to master and excel in a few areas of business. Of course the more you do something, the better you get too. Let's make a difference.

Also another reason JACK is appropriate. 

Robert Lackie

Founder of RIVER16

Recording Studio

Rob is my best buddy, he has the best recording facility in the whole region of Halton if not southern Ontario. The room is so reflective when you play it sounds analog live off the floor. See www.river16.com There is no better place to make music... I can attest to this. John. 

James Spalding

Senior Producer / Director

James Spalding and I share a STAR award with Rob from RIVER16 for creating the "BEST Entertainment Show" in the province of Ontario. His company is V.O.D. - Video On Demand. Works out of Halton Region. Such a talented Director, Camera Operator, Producer.

Andrej Krysov

Director of Art and Graphics

Andrej is the artistic Director of The W5 of Fly Fishing booklet (guide) we are just finishing up. He is a master at his craft and never ceases to amaze me with his talent. He also illustrates books and games... He lives in Russia. So the love of Fly Fishing knows no borders or politics.


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